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Designer: SUNNY DAYS

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    • 7 BRIGHT COLORS: This assortment of colorful chalk can turn any drawing into a beautiful masterpiece. With several different rainbow colors, it will brighten up your home’s exterior and bring cheer to your little ones!
    • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Inspire hours of creativity with this traditional toy that’s been getting children outside and active for years. This timeless chalk bucket allows children to explore their imagination and discover their artistic side in a fun and productive way!
    • CREATIVE FUN: Whether kids are drawing a picture or playing a friendly game, they will be sure to have a blast! Encourage kids to get active by playing hopscotch, tic-tac-toe or four square. You can even draw and complete your own obstacle course!
    • EASY STORAGE: This chalk set comes with an easy-to-carry bucket, with a handle that allows you to bring colorful fun along with you everywhere you go!
    • EASY TO CLEAN: When you are finished, just wash off the sidewalk or driveway with water and start fresh tomorrow! This chalk is easy to clean, and it can quickly allow you to return your pavement to a blank canvas.
    • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: The materials used to make this chalk set are nontoxic and safe for all children ages 3 and up!