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Designer: SUNNY DAYS

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  • LED lights: The entire car lights up with multi-colored LED lights in a variety of patterns. The cool lighting keeps kids entertained for hours.
  • Realistic sound effects: Push the button on the top of the cab to hear different automotive sounds effects. Listen to the motor roar, horn honk or vehicle reverse. The realistic sound effects are sure to captivate kids attention.
  • Motorized drive: Push the big button in the center to activate the motorized engine and take off down the road! The vehicle will go forwards, backwards and rock to the music.
  • Soft Super Grip Tires: The treaded rubber tires really spin, enhancing imaginative play. Get ready for a super smooth ride down the open road.
  • Durable Design: This 10 inch vehicle is created with high quality materials and a durable design for maximum playtime. Vehicles come in two bright and engaging colors, racer red and electric blue, with a bright and shiny finish. (Colors purchased vary.