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Designer: SUNNY DAYS

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  • LED FLASHING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SOUNDS: The cab of the semi truck makes four different vehicle sounds. Lights flash when you push the buttons for maximum fun.
  • FRICTION MOTOR: The detachable cab can stand alone or pull the excavator with a friction-rev motor. Just push the truck forward, then let go to watch it roll!
  • SOFT SUPER GRIP TIRES: The treaded rubber tires really spin, enhancing imaginative play. Get ready for a super smooth ride to the construction site.
  • REMOVABLE EXCAVATOR: Dig up some fun with the excavator truck - featuring real scooping action, with the articulated arm and 360-degree swivel motion.
  • WORKING RAMP: This two-in-one toy is complete with a lift gate to load and unload the excavator. It clicks into place to hold it in for the ride when you’re on the move to the next job.
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Young construction workers ages three and up can get to work while exploring their imaginations with this action-packed vehicle!