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Designer: SUNNY DAYS

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  • DISK SHOOTER: The disk launcher easily attaches to the wrist and ensures protection is always within reach. Simply install the four disks into the shooter and press the launch button to fire at intergalactic enemies from over four feet away!
  • DROP POINT KNIFE: This plastic military-style knife is sturdy enough to withstand play but soft enough to ensure safety. It’s the perfect tool to protect galactic warriors from whatever comes their way!
  • SPACE BLASTER: Ready, aim, fire! Pull the trigger on the space blaster for cosmic sounds that make any space adventure out-of-this-world fun.
  • LIGHT WAND: Press the button on the light wand to activate bright lights and cosmic sounds that mimic intergalactic battle! It’s the perfect tool to light up the dark and protect the earth from alien invaders.
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Encourage curiosity and learning by letting kids explore their imagination through roleplay. Help little galactic warriors develop problem solving skills and save the day!