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Designer: BABY GUND

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The Tinkle Crinkle Pull and Play plush features two beloved characters, Bunny and the Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar, in one convenient stroller toy! This colorful, squishy plush toy shows Bunny and the Caterpillar on either side of a soft multicolored ball, tied together with tactile knots and ribbons baby will love to pull and feel.


This innovative toy has even more surprises to entertain babies, including bunny ears that give a satisfying crinkle when touched, a plastic ring filled with bright, colorful rattle beads that provides a pleasant vibration when pulled, and a hidden rattle at its center. Its flexible open yellow ring, tipped with clouds, easily attaches to strollers and bags for keeping baby busy on the go.


The Tinkle Crinkle Collection is a fresh, energetic collection of plush baby toys with contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for all ages. Inspired by and named after our all-time best-selling colorful caterpillar, each piece of the collection carries the spirit of the original with an updated look to fit modern nurseries and appeal to new generations of friends. From the award-winning activity gym to the soft and smushy activity ball, there is plenty for every baby to enjoy.